Are you ready to turn your expertise into scalable and saleable intellectual property?

As an expert, you are creating intellectual property every day.

Intellectual property is created every time you use your intellect (or pay someone to use theirs)

Whether it is the custom advertising campaign that you create for your client or the DEI training materials that you use with your clients, or the logo that the guy on Fiverr designs for you—IP, IP, IP.

So the question isn’t “Am I ready to create intellectual property?”  You already are. 

The question is,

“How do I make sure I own and control the intellectual property I create with my expertise so that I can use it to create a scalable and saleable business?”.

The answer is

The IP Revenue Roadmap,

an end-to-end program that teaches you:

  • Why IP is essential to building a scalable and saleable business.

  • What intellectual property is? And just as importantly, how it is created and how to protect it.

  • The vital role services agreements play in your business.

  • How to identify valuable IP assets that are “hiding in plain sight” in your business

  • The power of using IP as leverage.

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About Erin

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Erin Austin is a strategic lawyer and consultant who uses her 25+ years of practicing law, including roles as COO and general counsel at at large and small IP-driven companies, including Warner Brothers, Lionsgate (formerly known as Artisan), MGM, Teaching Strategies, and M3 USA Corp, to help female founders of expertise-based firms build and protect saleable assets so that the business is ready to sell when the founder is ready to exit. Erin’s experience as a lawyer and as an executive--at the intersection of business and the law--informs the elevated legal and strategic business advice she provides to her clients.  

Erin is passionate about using her expertise to create an economy that works for everyone. Through her Hourly to Exit podcast and her consulting practice, Think Beyond IP, Erin guides women on the journey of transforming their businesses from an unscalable income-generator into a saleable wealth building asset.  Her special talent is helping women meet their growth goals through the creation of IP-based revenue streams. In her spare time, Erin likes to clear brush on her farmette, search for the perfect gluten-free baguette (all leads are appreciated!) and work on her backhand.